Discover more about CVSL's electric/hybrid Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Greener, easier & affordable

Here at CVSL, we are proud to now offer an employee salary sacrifice scheme on hybrid and electric vehicles. The scheme enables employees to sacrifice a fixed amount of their salary each month in exchange for a brand new hybrid or electric car.

With Benefit in Kind (BiK) set to only 2% for electric cars until 2025, now is the time to choose an all-electric vehicle through an employee salary sacrifice.

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Useful GuidesWe have created handy guides with everything you need to know about the electric/hybrid salary sacrifice scheme, how it benefits you and your employees.

  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme - Payroll Guide - For Non Payrolled Benefits
  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme

  • Payroll Guide (For Non Payrolled Benefits)
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