CVSL Total Care - Leased, fully maintained, insured, ready to go. Just add fuel.

Are you looking to lease a new car without having to worry about anything?

Our new package, CVSL Total Care will give you a peace of mind as your vehicle will be insured for breakdowns, own damage, tyre protection, theft and total loss, all included without our simple fixed monthly rental.


The Benefits


  • The 'own damage' element will cover the cost of repairs to your own vehicle after an accident.
  • Total loss shortfall, we remove the risk of missing any income if your vehicle is a write off following a claim.
  • Full Insurance which includes: glass protection, own damage protection (including fire & theft) and third party liability.


  • Total Care includes all maintenance cover and comprehensive servicing.
  • Breakdown assistance - we will provide you with a replacement vehicle, so you are never stranded.
  • Accident Management Service - to help you whenever you have an incident including management of the repairs.

With CVSL Total Care you're leased, insured and ready to go -
the only thing you have to do is drive your vehicle!

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Our Total Care offering is currently being updated and will be back online shortly.
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Driver Eligability

This package is available to individuals and business as follows:

Hold a full UK/EU driving license, which has been valid for at least 1 year.

Aged between 21-70.

For Personal contract hire, the package also allows the drivers spouse, partner and immediate family (which includes parents, siblings and children) to drive your vehicle and be covered under CVSL Total Care, as long as other criteria are met.

For Business Contract Hire, the package allows any employee of the company, the employees spouse or partner and immediate family (which includes parents, siblings and children) to drive your vehicle and be covered under Total Care, as long as other criteria are met.

Drivers that are in a fit medical state and have not been advised by a medical practitioner or DVLA to stop driving.

CVSL Total care is available to Cars & LCVs on a personal lease basis.

Trade use criteria:

All vehicles are acceptable for trade usage with the exception: -

  • Carriage of passengers or goods for Hire and Reward (eg. taxi, mini cab or courier).
  • Vehicles on airport premises except in public areas such as a car park.
  • Vehicles taking part in racing, rallies and/or speed trials.
  • Commercial transportation of inflammable liquid, chemicals or gases.
  • Carriage of passengers or goods.

Drivers of the vehicle must comply at the time of lease quotation acceptance with the following:

  • Not have more than 6 points on their driving licence.
  • Not had 2 fault claims within the previous 24 months.
  • Not been subject to a driving ban in the last 5 years.

So if you are ready to lease your next vehicle, why not enquire about our all in package CVSL Total Care. Be leased, be insured, be ready to GO...

The following vehicles are excluded:

Gross vehicle weight greater than 3.5T, Vehicles not provided by Arval, Cherry Pickers, Ice cream vans, Left hand drive vehicles, Vehicles that hold more than 8 passengers.

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