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Plug-in car grant is changing

Over recent years there has been a growing demand for electric and hybrid cars, partly due to the government’s plug in-car grant. The plug-in car grant was previously set at £5,000 per eligible car, however this grant is now being cut on the 1st of March 2016.

How is the plug-in car grant changing?

There will be 2 grants available:

‘Category 1’ cars with a zero emission range of over 70 miles will receive a grant of £4,500.

‘Category 2 and 3’ cars with a shorter zero emission range, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles with a petrol or diesel engine, will receive £2,500.

So what does it mean?
Most full-electric cars will still continue to receive a grant but the amount received may be reduced. Most full-electric cars will fall in category 2 and 3 meaning you will receive £2,500.
However, we do have some category 1 cars available here at CVSL, which could still mean a £4,500 grant under the new regulations.

If you would like to take advantage of the current grant get in touch today. Orders need to be submitted before the 29th February and be delivered within 9 months.
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