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Looking to lease a new van? Here are some things to consider…

By only considering an initial quote, you could find what seems to be a cheap option quickly becomes one of the most expensive. Take the time to investigate the following factors to make sure that you really are choosing the best van for you.

  1. Service interval. How far will your van go before it’s going to cost you money? Most vans will make it to around 25,000 miles before they need servicing, but there are some that can manage 30,000 miles before you may need to pay a visit to the garage. Doing your research before choosing a van will save you money in the long run.
  1. Service costs. When your van does need a service, how much is that going to cost you? Even if you don’t plan on having maintenance included in your lease contract, get a quote done anyway. Quotes are based on predicted mileage and predicted costs over the term, so can be quite telling as to when the cheapest van has the potential to turn into the most expensive.
  1. How far is your fuel going to go? If your mileage is high, this factor could well outweigh the initial leasing charges. For example, a newer model might cost more than previous versions, but at 10% better efficiency it will swiftly make up for that in fuel costs.

Everyone’s situation is different and it may well be that the cheapest headline quote ends up being the cheapest option for you. But it’s only when you investigate all the factors that you really get the true picture of how much your van is going to cost you in the long run.

Here at CVSL we guarantee our clients that we not only offer competitive prices but also good and honest advise on your fleet, which will keep your company’s books healthy. Get in touch today for more information.


An altered market ahead of the Euro 6 vehicles in September

Analysts have predicted a rush for Euro 5 vans in the hopes of avoiding the extra costs and tank weight of the Euro 6 vehicles.

The trends and dynamics of the used van market is likely to be askew for the foreseeable future as fleet demand for Euro 5 emission compliant vans sky rockets ahead of September’s mandatory launch of new Euro 6 models. The increase is unlikely to see a total collapse in used van prices as the economy continues to grow and business confidence remains high.

Despite the initial worries, some experts do believe it is “business as usual” with undisputed growth in the economy leading towards enough demand to keep pace with the increasing volumes being de-fleeted.

However the same experts are cautious still, warning that the marketplace changes taking place, notably used vans with high mileage over four years old, may take the biggest hit as the demand over the past 24 months for hard-used models are driven by lack of more desirable alternatives.

To get yourself a desirable deal on a Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 Diesel from just £202.94 p/m, check out:

CVSL and AlphaElectric unveil new add on packages

When considering incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into your fleet, you might think they won’t be practical for occasions such as long journey distances, larger number of passengers or bigger load, but with CVSL this won’t be a problem.

In partnership with AlphaElectric, CVSL is proud to present its new mobility package add on, which allows access to a specified number of day’s rental (7, 12, 24 and 35) to suit your requirements. The rentals can be booked and tracked via our online platform and everything – even extra charges like delivery, collection and airport charges – is included.

CVSL and AlphaElectric are also offering a range of innovative electric products, take a look and choose the best one for your business:

AlphaElectric Chargecard

Eliminating the need to have multiple charging cards for different networks, the AlphaElectric Chargecard is a one card solution which provides:

• Access to 85% of the UK’s public charging network
• Access to multiple Plugged In Places (PIP) Schemes
• Pay per use option

And to make it even easier, you can find the nearest charging points on the AlphaGuide App.

Flexible leasing options

The Discovery and Comfort packages offer a reduced risk approach to implementing electric vehicles into your fleet:

  • Discovery package: this package allows you to try before committing, giving you access to an electric vehicle over a 3 or 6 months period. It after that you decide an electric vehicle is a good idea for your business, we will offer a discount off your new lease.
  • Comfort package: our comfort package takes off the pressure of taking on a long-term lease, by offering reduced cost early termination (within 6 months) and the option to replace the electric vehicle with a traditional combustion engine vehicle.

AlphaCity Corporate CarSharing

When the journey is longer, passenger numbers are higher or loads are larger and an electric vehicle isn’t suitable, AlphaCity is an easy solution.

After registering, receiving their login details and card, all the driver has to do is reserve the vehicle for the time and date required using our online platform. Besides the convenience of booking online, there is also no need for a key, as the access cards act as the driver’s key.

Does one of these packages sound like it is just what you need? Contact CVSL on 0800 085 4256 for more information.

The FCA – working hard to stamp out poor industry practice

Until late last year, it was relatively easy to start up as a leasing company. All you needed was a consumer credit licence, and you could easily set up a website promoting leasing deals to both businesses and individuals.

Previously, manufacturers and finance companies have worked together to clamp down on bad practices and stamp out unofficial agents, but without proper rules and regulations in place, it was always going to be a tough task.

FCA regulations

When the Financial Conduct Authority took over from the now defunct Credit Broker Licences, previously governed by the Office of Fair Trading, on April 1st 2014, all businesses offering finance or leasing options had to apply to the FCA for an interim licence to continue trading.

However, the FCA are now so diligent about reviewing and approving businesses fit to sell consumer finance and lease products, it is estimated that 15% of leasing brokers haven’t even applied.

By introducing stricter criteria for operation, there is an in-depth review process in place before a company can be approved to lease cars.

The FCA also requires leasing brokers to have rigid internal procedures in place to ensure that data collection and protections systems are kept up-to-date.

Since the new regulations were brought in, many firms were deemed to be miss-selling services, mostly by upselling unnecessary options and less cost-effective deals.

Such practices are now strictly monitored and any leasing company found to be in violation of these regulations will be subject to action from the FCA.

CVSL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We pride ourselves on delivering good quality service and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Fuel prices continue to fall

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Petrol and diesel prices in the UK have dropped to their lowest in five years, as supermarkets have been engaged in a fuel-price war.

Over the weekend, a petrol station in Birmingham became the first in the UK to sell petrol for under £1 per litre.

In response, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all announced that they were shaving 2p a litre off their petrol and diesel prices.

Tesco were first to strike in the price cutting wars, with its cut to 103.9p a litre for petrol coming into force on Monday afternoon.

The three other supermarkets followed suit from Tuesday, with Asda introducing a national cap of 103.9p per litre for unleaded or 110.7p per litre for diesel at any of its forecourts.

Consequently, fleet managers now have a real opportunity to make some significant savings to their fleet’s operating costs.

Steve Black, CVSL Marketing Manager, comments: “This is great news for fleet managers up and down the country, but they need to remain on the ball. With a bit of research they can find the best prices available locally and use fuel cards to make additional savings.”

“2p a litre may not sound like a massive discount, but for a fleet of 100 cars with an average tank size of 50 litres filling up each car once per week could equate to a saving of £100 – which is over £5000 per annum. And that’s in addition to the savings that they have already benefited from with the recent price drops.”

“Our personal-use customers can also benefit. Sign up for fuel alerts online and pay close attention to any that offer loyalty points schemes, leading to further savings.”