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All you need to know about child seats

This time of the year people are taking their children out for day trips and holidays.  In order to keep your children safe whilst you are on the road, we are looking at what the law says about child car seats and the requirements you need to meet.

When do you need to use a child car seat or booster seater?
Children must normally us a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 cm tall, whichever comes first.  Only EU-approved child car seats can be used in the UK, they will have a label showing a capital E in a circle.

There is a variety of child car seats available dependent on your child’s height or weight.

Height-based car seats
Also known as ‘i-Size’ seat. When placing those they must be rear-facing until your child is over 15 months old after that a forward-facing car seat can be used.  Make sure that the seat is suitable for the height of your

Weight-based car
Weight-based car seats must be rear facing until your child weighs more than 9kg.

After that it depends on weight:

9kg to 18kg  – rear or forward-facing baby seat
15kg to 25kg – rear or forward-facing child seat (booster seat)
Over 22kg – booster  cushion

How to fit a child car seat?
Only use a child car seat if your car’s seat belt has a diagonal strap – unless the car seat is specifically designed for use with a lap seat belt. It is also important to deactivate any front airbags before fitting a rear-facing baby seat in a front seat.

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Summer driving tips

Summer driving tips
Are you going away this summer? Perhaps on a long drive abroad or to a seaside town? Make sure that you are prepared before you set off on your journey.

We all know the UK is not famous for its tropical climate, however if it does get hot it is worth checking your cooling system, as overheating can cause some expensive damage and endanger you and your passengers.
We recommend regularly checking your engine:
• Look for white staining or wetness on coolant hoses: if they are leaking then they should be replaced as soon as possible
• If the fan is broken engine temperature will rise dramatically when travelling slowly in traffic
• Check your engine coolant level

Tyre punctures
In hot weather it is particularly important to check your tyres before embarking on long journeys. Damaged tyres are an even higher risk due to additional friction from hot motorway surfaces – ensure your tyres are adequately inflated with the correct amount of tread before you leave. Read more about tyre safety here.

Bring an emergency kit
This is essential for long trips: regardless of whether your vehicle is old or new, it can breakdown at any time. The emergency kit should contain a breakdown triangle, blanket, torch, high-vis jackets, a map and break-down cover details.

Last but not least, schedule a stop every 2 hours or so to take a 15 minutes break, particularly if travelling at night. Tiredness can kill!
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We wish a good summer holiday and safe travels.

Top Ten Reasons to Drive a Convertible

With today shaping up to be the hottest day so far this year (and probably the hottest in 10 years), you are probably asking yourself, “Why don’t I own a convertible on a day like today so I could enjoy the weather… and drive around town in a flash new car?!”

If you need further assurance that you need a convertible this summer, here are our top ten reasons to get one:

  1. You tan whilst driving. Driving a convertible will help develop that year round, enviable tan. Your colleagues and friends will ask if you have been on holiday to Barbados whilst you have only been commuting into work on the A452.
  2. A convertible eliminates blind spots. If the roof is down you will have 360 degrees visibility. Making this a very safe vehicle indeed!
  3. Tall? Are you 6.3 ft. like me? Are you are struggling for headroom? If the roof is down you will have unlimited headroom.
  4. Ikea flat packs are easy to transport. With convertible transporting, Ikea flat packs are a lot easier as you can have your roof open and are not limited with roof space.
  5. Less likely to hear your partner or children in the back. Kids arguing in the back? Don’t worry; you won’t hear them thanks to the wind noise. Same rules apply when speaking with your partner.
  6. Convertibles are more fun. You are less likely to argue anyway as convertibles are fun and you can smell the sea and nature instead of your smelly air conditioner.
  7. Single? Not for long. Women love men with convertibles.
  8. Midlife crisis? Erm yes you better get one of those then. Plus you will look ten years younger in your convertible.
  9. Never have to call the AA again. Locked yourself out? Don’t worry you can just jump in without having that awkward phone call to the AA.
  10. Even with the roof up convertibles still look cool!


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