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Summer driving tips

Summer driving tips
Are you going away this summer? Perhaps on a long drive abroad or to a seaside town? Make sure that you are prepared before you set off on your journey.

We all know the UK is not famous for its tropical climate, however if it does get hot it is worth checking your cooling system, as overheating can cause some expensive damage and endanger you and your passengers.
We recommend regularly checking your engine:
• Look for white staining or wetness on coolant hoses: if they are leaking then they should be replaced as soon as possible
• If the fan is broken engine temperature will rise dramatically when travelling slowly in traffic
• Check your engine coolant level

Tyre punctures
In hot weather it is particularly important to check your tyres before embarking on long journeys. Damaged tyres are an even higher risk due to additional friction from hot motorway surfaces – ensure your tyres are adequately inflated with the correct amount of tread before you leave. Read more about tyre safety here.

Bring an emergency kit
This is essential for long trips: regardless of whether your vehicle is old or new, it can breakdown at any time. The emergency kit should contain a breakdown triangle, blanket, torch, high-vis jackets, a map and break-down cover details.

Last but not least, schedule a stop every 2 hours or so to take a 15 minutes break, particularly if travelling at night. Tiredness can kill!
Optional break-down cover is offered with all of our car leases.
We wish a good summer holiday and safe travels.