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Why did you choose CVSL?
Word of mouth! They were highly recommended by a third party.
However, I looked at a few companies and CVSL had some great special offers on a few cars I was interested in. I also did some research on company reviews and found a lot of great reviews about CVSL’s overall customer service.  

How would you rate their service from sourcing the right car, getting the best deal for you to delivery?
CVSL got back to me quickly on all my requests. They completed multiple quotes for multiple vehicles allowing me to compare costs and find the right deal. 

Are you pleased with your vehicle choice?
Very pleased, it’s a higher than expected spec car and I’m really pleased with the costs and overall service.  

Do you have a name for your car?
No not yet! Since naming your car is a big decision you need to get it right!

Do you have any bad driving habits?
Nope, I’m a perfect driver 🙂 the best in fact

What is your car driving pet hate?
Sitting in traffic! I’d rather drive for longer to go around the traffic and keep moving rather than stay still. 

What was your first car? What car did you want when were younger?
My First car is my password reset question on a few websites, not a great idea to list it here!

Are there any road trips on your list?
We’ll be driving down to Cornwall in October, so I’m looking forward to some motorway driving specifically. 

What is your favourite tune whilst driving?
Any 90’s hip-hop will do me perfectly!

Do you want a brand-new lease like Luke that you will love? Get in touch with CVSL today and we will get you motoring – from personal to business, 4WD to electric cars and vans, we’ve got the right deal for you!

CVSL official car supplier to Sale Sharks for 2019/20 season

Are you excited for the start of the new season?

CVSL is not just driving businesses forward but also premiership rugby team Sale Sharks, as official car supplier during the 2019/20 season. Sale Sharks are Greater Manchester’s leading professional rugby union side and we are proud to continue to support the Sharks Family!

The Sale Sharks have recently received their new fleet of brand new C3s enabling key members of the team to go out and about in branded Sale Sharks vehicles.

Managing Director Tony Poole comments, “after being the official car supplier to the Sale Sharks last season, we are pleased to continue this partnership for another season, being the driving force behind the North West’s premier rugby team.

We are hoping for another successful season from the Sharks’ guys, the first game is on the 21 September as Sale Sharks VS. Northampton Saints – GOOD LUCK SHARKS FAMILY from everyone at CVSL.

Tesla Model 3 mania is sweeping the nation, is this what electric car dreams are made of?

Launched with the intention of being Tesla’s first mass-market electric car, which is making waves in the UK car market, the new saloon is being labelled as the “more affordable” option, part of creator Musk’s mission to rid our roads of fossil fuels

Named as one of the world’s most searched Electric vehicle, an influx of drivers are making the switch to this particular EV, taking the top spot as the most popular electric vehicle to lease.

A recent consumer report from Compare the Market, a UK-based price comparison company, has indicated a growing optimism and renewed consumer confidence directed at EVs, such as the Tesla Model 3, which are dominating the global EV market and receiving global recognition. The study has also determined that the Tesla Model 3 is currently the world’s most searched-for all-electric vehicle in the world. Following behind the Model 3 was long time EV veteran Nissan Leaf, as well as Tesla’s two other cars, the Model S and the Model X. 


The Model 3’s popularity is down to several factors, with cost being one factor that it is winning against competitors is its sensible price, having entered the affordable car market.   

The cost of ownership is very low due to the fact that there is nothing to maintain – it’s all electric so all you need is an electric generator; savings are established in terms of petrol and maintenance that comes with going electric. It was the world’s first go-anywhere production electric car. It’s also a very good looking head turner, an aspirational product and accelerate quickly, making them pretty cool as well!

It may look great, but it is also being labelled as a better version of the Porsche, with 5 seats and a high charge range, the Tesla Model 3 was designed by Musk to be a sleek family car, a silent and vibration-free daily drive. Other bonus features, including seats that unfold to give you a huge 66 inches of boot space, you could even sleep or camp in your car overnight if required?

The Tesla 3 Model is also the first step to creating affordable electric cars, there is hope that this is the beginning of the electric car revolution. A great deal of the hype stems from the intention that the Tesla 3 Model will increase widespread change in customer purchasing habits, in the hope that they make the switch to electric cars.

The UK has been waiting patiently for their slice of the great Tesla adventure and now the wait is over! Please get in touch to register your interest for delivery when it lands and to find out more information, VERY high demand expected!

CVSL exhibits at the Royal Cheshire County Show.

With over 80,000 visitors each year, the Royal Cheshire County Show is the premier agricultural show in the North-West region. We are excited to announce that the CVSL team will be exhibiting at this year’s show and will be on hand to chat and discuss any car leasing queries that you may have. The Royal Cheshire Show is held on the 18th and 19th of June so don’t miss us! The event has a rich history that dates back over 180 years and is annually organised by the Cheshire Agricultural Society.

Commercial vehicle manager Neil Barlow states, “we are very excited to be bringing to you at this year’s show two very special offers, the Ford Ranger and Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Both pick-ups are firm favourites within the rural community and will be available to admire on our stand. The vehicles are great all rounders both on and off road and can be altered to tailor your specific requirements”.

Neil continues, ‘’to be part of this year’s long awaited show is a great honour, as we have strong links with the Cheshire community and we look forward to be catching up with everyone”.

This year’s event promises to be even bigger with more stalls, exhibits, as we celebrate the many interesting and fascinating aspects of farming and rural life in Cheshire. Don’t forget to visit the CVSL team on B4 number 13.

Preparing to drive in the EU Post-Brexit

Going to Europe? We will bring you everything you need to know about driving in the EU after Brexit. Whilst Brexit is still very much up in the air, motorists should prepare for travelling in the EU after Brexit. We are bringing you some tips for a smooth transition when driving in the continent.

1. Driving permit
At the moment, you are able to drive with a UK driving license in all EU member states, however this may change if the Government doesn’t come to an agreement and leaves with a no deal.

If this is the case, you will need to obtain an International Driving Permit. (I.D.P)

UK motor insurance customers driving in the Europeam Economic Area, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland, will need physical proof of motor insurance when they travel.

There are 3 different types available:

  • The 1926 IDP, which allows you to drive in Lichtenstein and is valid for 12 months
  • The 1946 IDP, which allows you to drive Iceland, Malta, Spain and Cyprus and is also valid for 12 months
  • The 1968 IDP – enables you to drive in all other EU countries, as well as Norway and Switzerland

Please note that if you are, for example driving in Cyprus and Greece, you would need to purchase 2 permits, the 1946 I.D.P and the 1968 IDP. Another scenario where you would need both is if you are travelling from the UK to Spain, even if you are only passing through France to get to your final destination. The permits are available at the post office and cost £5.50. To apply for these you will need a valid UK driving license, a recent passport sized photo and an original valid passport as proof of identification, when using an old style paper driving license.

2. Insurance, Green Card.
Under EU law, your current UK insurance policy cover provides you with a minimum 3rd party cover in the EU, EEA countries, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland, however if the UK leaves without a deal, a green card is required off your insurance company to cover you in the countries above. Most insurance companies will provide you with the green card for free, however it is worth checking with your insurance at least 4 weeks ahead of your travel plans.

3. Display a GB sticker
After Brexit you will need to have a GB sticker displayed on your vehicle – these are widely available at Halfords, RAC and Amazon. If you fail to do this, you may risk a fine on the spot.

4. Taking a leased car abroad
If you are taking a leased vehicle abroad you will need to request a VE103 ‘vehicle on hire’ form from your finance company. In addition to this, you will receive a letter of authorisation for taking the vehicle abroad regardless of what Brexit outcome there may be!

For more information on taking your vehicle abroad, speak to our friendly team today for more information, to help get you clued up and in the know for when Brexit strikes.

Information sources: As cited in the Post Office, March 27, 2019.