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How brands are building meaningful emotional connections with drivers to add value to their journeys.

Many people are back behind the wheel, but some are experiencing Covid-19-related anxiety in regards to being out and about, and hence seeking ways to reduce this.

As a consequence brands are attempting to emotionally connect with drivers – offering an avenue for them to feel more relaxed – which is more fitting as many opt to drive rather than use public transport.

So, what exactly triggers our stress when driving in particular?

Do you relate to any of the following?

As stated by the Ipsos Covid-19 trackers, ( 56% of consumers prefer the car as a mode of transport and two-thirds are missing restaurants and cinemas, among other places. However even when life eventually returns to normal the stress of driving won’t disappear.

In the Happy Commuter research, 71% of people said they arrive at work feeling charged by their journeys, “super-stressed drivers claimed three main triggers, in normal times – feeling lonely while driving 44%, a fear of being late for work 21% and too much traffic 55%. Now there’s a fourth: Covid-19-related anxiety. That’s a big ball of loneliness and stress.”

How exactly are brands connecting?

We’re all exposed to stressful driving from time-to-time. However to alleviate this and act as a pick-me-up for drivers embarking on long journeys, brands have attempted to entertain drivers with little touches. Last Christmas, as part of Coca-Cola’s global festive activity, users of the geo-platform Waze could have Santa as their own personal navigator, allowing the big man himself to guide them “Ho Ho” home (great pun!).

Another example is the McDonald’s famous M glowing on our dark maps, prompting people to take a break and re-route. Apparently, the sign has offered a source of comfort and company to a lonely driver who fancies a little treat on their journey.

Back to the geo-platform – Waze has attempted to be of value to consumers tracking where they are going. Letting drivers know perhaps where local stores are open, along with drive-thru and click-and-collect options, alerting them to hygiene protocol, easing Covid-19-related anxiety – or offering takeaway options once the driver reaches their destination! Offers presented to the driver will be in line with regular routes taken, retailer special offers such as those from Tesco will be presented at the right time, right place and the right journey.

Platforms such as this are helping to ease traffic related issues by alerting drivers alternative routes, whilst letting you know where to find a local petrol station or shop. Nobody likes being late for work, so as Waze collaborates with cities and towns, traffic issues can be fixed to help drivers get to where they want to be faster (well within the National Speed Limit!).

It’s great to see brands serving a meaningful purpose and fundamentally being of use when people need it more than ever, especially right now with more people experiencing a greater degree of loneliness or stress.

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