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Speeding fines increased on 24th April

From today (24th April 2017) a new law has come into effect in England and Wales, aimed at speeding drivers. The new guidelines will hopefully make drivers ‘think twice’ before speeding.

What has changed?
Previously, if you were caught speeding, the minimum penalty fine was £100, with three penalty points added on your licence. Fines have been increased from 100% to 150% of weekly income, with a maximum of £2500. There will be three different bands, with band C being the most serious – this will come into place when you are exceeding the speed limit by 21 mph or more.
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Why are speeding fines increased?
Over the last five years serious speeding offences have risen by over 44% resulting in 244 people being killed in 2015. Responsible drivers will welcome these changes. If you are first-time offender, you can take a speed awareness course and avoid the increased fine.

How does sentencing work?
The court will follow the guidelines unless a judge or magistrate feels it is not in the interest of justice to do so.  Other considerations are time of offence, weather conditions and area.

CVSL warns drivers to stick to the speed limit and installing vehicle tracking systems if you are running a large fleet. RAM tracking has been specifically designed to drive down speeding across your fleet. For more information get in touch today.

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