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CVSL delivers van at Nottingham care home

We have recently delivered a modified van at the Grand Care Centre in Nottingham. The vehicle will ensure that residents can reach hospital appointments on time and in the familiar comfort of their own transport. The customised van will make a 4-mile daily trip to a local hospital, which before had to be made by private or hospital transportation.

The vehicle has been altered to meet the needs of the residents, including chair lift, removable seats as well as a hand-held rails and a ramp.

Kay Johnson, Client Experience Manager, said:  “The health, wellbeing and happiness of our residents is always our number one priority, as is providing a home-from-home experience in surroundings that provide the highest levels of comfort. We were in desperate need for a vehicle that could take our residents to and from important appointments as well as out and about for recreational activities and we’re delighted with the end result of this minibus. Right from the word go it has been a pleasure to work together with CVSL – the modifications made are perfect for our needs and the end result has exceeded our every expectation.’’

Here at CVSL we are much more than just a leasing company, this is a great example of how we go that extra mile for our clients to meet their expectations.

For more information on how we could help you with your specific requirements, get in touch with Neil Barlow our Commercial Vehicle specialist.

Van Grand Care

CVSL extends ‘Saving Money for British Trade’ campaign by adding new vehicles

CVSL has decided to extend their campaign, helping British trade save money on their fleet by adding new vehicles including the Renault Trafic Sport Nav Van and the Renault Trafic Sport Crew Van.

The Renault Crew van has six seats but still allows you to carry the necessary tools you need to get the job done – safely and securely. Priced at only £253.57 per month ex VAT, this van will drive your business forward.

The Renault Trafic Sport has been designed for trade industry. The van can be adapted to any of your requirements making this a reliable and cost efficient option to drive your business forward. Priced at £233 per month ex VAT, this van will be saving you money, whilst making your fleet more cost-efficient.

Neil Barlow, Commercial Vehicle Specialist spoke regarding the deals: “The Renault Trafics are reliable, cost efficient, and give you all the space you possibly need at the very best price. Here at CVSL our aim is to help British businesses have the most economical fleet without sacrificing on service”.

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CVSL is helping British Trade Save money

Important changes in Vehicle Excise Duty from 1 April 2017

The Government is introducing some important changes in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) starting from 1 April 2017. Vehicle Excise Duty is also known as Road Fund Licence or Road tax.

So what does it all mean?
Vehicles that are registered from 1 April 2017 will be taxed a flat standardised VED of £140 on all vehicles, including cars, armoured cars and motorhomes (except zero emission cars for which the SR will be £0).

Vehicles that are excluded from the new VED are: commercial vehicles (LCVs), motorbikes and heavy goods vehicles.

The first year rates of VED will vary according to the vehicles CO2 emissions level however; a flat SR of £140 tax will apply in all subsequent years unless you drive a zero emission vehicle.

In addition to standardised VED, any cars reaching their second license period – this includes cars with a list price of over £40,000 per year will incur an additional charge of £310 per annum over the next five years.

What happens to cars that are already registered before 1 April 2017?
Current legislation won’t change for cars that are registered before 1 April, so if you are planning to buy or lease a car after this date with a listed price of over £40,000 or more you could save significant money by doing this prior to the date.

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CVSL helps British trade save money

In October CVSL launched a campaign helping British Trade save money on their monthly fleet cost. With petrol and insurance costs on the rise it is SMEs who are struggling most to keep up a healthy fleet.  CVSL can offer two all-round vehicles that are reliable and low cost to run.

Volkswagen Caddy C20
The Volkswagen Caddy C20 is a great medium-sized panel van that will have your business moving in no time. The C20 is sturdy around the loading bay and its interior is made of tough plastic. The maximum payload of 857kg is competitive.

Ford Transit Custom 270 Low Roof Van
The Transit is one of Britain’s bestselling vans, it accounts for almost one in five of all new vans, there must be a good reason for this! The Ford Transit Custom has an upmarket appearance and the interior is comfortable. Loading space is excellent and it will deliver everything you need.

Tony Poole, Director comments: “here at CVSL we would like to help SMEs around the country to help saving them money on their fleet. With the two special offers we have running at the moment you can expect to get a reliable commercial vehicle that doesn’t disrupt the balance sheet. ”


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