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Customer Corner

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Why did you choose CVSL?
Word of mouth! They were highly recommended by a third party.
However, I looked at a few companies and CVSL had some great special offers on a few cars I was interested in. I also did some research on company reviews and found a lot of great reviews about CVSL’s overall customer service.  

How would you rate their service from sourcing the right car, getting the best deal for you to delivery?
CVSL got back to me quickly on all my requests. They completed multiple quotes for multiple vehicles allowing me to compare costs and find the right deal. 

Are you pleased with your vehicle choice?
Very pleased, it’s a higher than expected spec car and I’m really pleased with the costs and overall service.  

Do you have a name for your car?
No not yet! Since naming your car is a big decision you need to get it right!

Do you have any bad driving habits?
Nope, I’m a perfect driver 🙂 the best in fact

What is your car driving pet hate?
Sitting in traffic! I’d rather drive for longer to go around the traffic and keep moving rather than stay still. 

What was your first car? What car did you want when were younger?
My First car is my password reset question on a few websites, not a great idea to list it here!

Are there any road trips on your list?
We’ll be driving down to Cornwall in October, so I’m looking forward to some motorway driving specifically. 

What is your favourite tune whilst driving?
Any 90’s hip-hop will do me perfectly!

Do you want a brand-new lease like Luke that you will love? Get in touch with CVSL today and we will get you motoring – from personal to business, 4WD to electric cars and vans, we’ve got the right deal for you!