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Five tips for safe travels during the festive period

With Christmas just around the corner, CVSL is bringing you five tips for safe travels during the festive period. During the Christmas period 13 million Brits take to the road to visit friends and relatives across the country.

Tip 1: Don’t drink and drive
However tempting it may be to drink that second large glass of red over a Christmas dinner, it wouldn’t be a wise choice. In 2012 there were 6,630 drink driving accidents, resulting 230 people killed by years end. Before setting off to visit family over Christmas it’s worth having a chat with your partner/family to nominate the designated driver for the day.

Safe driving tips CVSL
Tip 2: Security of your car
Packing the car with expensive Christmas presents? Make sure not leave any items on display and be sure to lock the door as thieves are more active over the Christmas period.

Tip 3: Visibility
Will it be a white Christmas this year? Before setting off on your travels make sure you clear  your window screens of any snow or ice.

Tip 4: Road and weather conditions
Road and weather conditions can be unpredictable in December – so before setting off, make sure you are prepared in case of break down or accident. We advise all motorists to have a blanket and water supplies with them at all times. It’s also worth checking the weather forecast before embarking on your journey. If there is fog, make sure to open the drivers window so you can hear traffic, especially when you are approaching busy junctions or crossroads. Rainy December day? Make sure to brake on time – as stopping distances double in wet conditions. Ice on the road? Avoid harsh and sudden braking whilst snow will also reduce your visibility so we recommend the use dipped headlights.

Safe travels snowy road

Tip 5: Night driving
Driving home late after that Christmas dinner at your parents? Make sure to clean your windscreen and check your lights before setting off. Also, if you are travelling a long distance make sure to factor in a break every two hours.

CVSL is wishing you a very merry Christmas and safe travels during the festive period.