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The Show-stopping cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2018

The spectacle that is the Geneva Motor Show was held in Switzerland 8-18 March, giving us a glimpse into the future trends expected to dominate the car industry, whilst bringing together the wealthiest people in the world. Debuting some of the boldest and most innovative car concepts in the world, which are expected to lead the way in revolutionising car technology, spoiling us with a handful of wonderful but frankly bizarre and baffling concept cars.

The show continuously manages to break the mould and break with convention in terms of car manufacturing. Inevitably there was a strong push towards electric cars but the show also boasted the likes of flying cars, sport cars, saloons and coupes and certainly didn’t disappoint, pushing the boundaries in every way possible and opening our eyes to a new era of mobility –  you could soon by flying to work!

Geneva is the best show to get an overview of the latest trends and striking designs to shape the automobile industry. One thing clear,the industry is facing a dramatic change and pressure to reinvent itself, with autonomy and electric taking precedence.

Here’s a roundup of the best and most crazy car concepts and themes that captured our attention at the awe-inspiring yet bonkers motor show:

Sleek, elegant and magnificent motors:
Luxury EV and hybrid performance cars graced the stands at Geneva with a whole spectrum of striking, elegant and dynamic designs, here is a taster of some of the crowd pleasers:

GFG Sibylla

Touring Superleggera Scià di PersiaPersia

Pininfarina HK GT


The bold and handsome M8 Gran Coupe concept with its four-door model, is a revamped version of the relaunched 8-series range and is planned to join coupe and convertible variants 600bhp, in a three-model strong 8 series line-up. The creation of the concept car all stems from BMW’s reformed decision to create premium positioning.

The BMW M8 concept:


The Wacky, the Flying, The Sharing and The Autonomous Varities:

Now moving on to the more bizarre conceptions brought to life at the Geneva Motor Show. Fully autonomous vehicles are expected to revolutionise the future of car technology, but even the Renault EZ-GO concept seemed somewhat extreme. The driverless concept electric car enables passengers to enter through a front door, with glass on the sides and roof, yet only reaching speeds of 30mph.


The luxury futuristic Mercedes F015 driverless car concept managed to differentiate itself from the numerous driverless car projects that we have been bombarded with and stand aside in a class of its own.


Another gutsy driverless car concept was the Icona Nucleus, a ‘lounge on wheels,‘ providing room for 6 adults, basically a wide cocoon on wheels. The other striking element of the design is the lack of conventional glass windows – there’s no driver so there is no need for a front windscreen.

Icona Nucleus:


World’s first Revolutionary Commercial Flying Cars:


Always wanted to drive a pick-up? Read our Nissan Navara customer review

Always wanted to drive a pick-up? We’ve been speaking to our customer Richard, who we recently supplied with a Nissan Navara on a personal lease contract.  Read below to find out more on how his experience has been so far.  

What previous car did you drive? And what made you choose the Nissan Navara? 
I used to have a Mercedes A class. It was great but with a change of job and move to a new house a larger load lugging automatic was a top pick for me. I don’t need a truck for my work but the huge amount of storage space the Navara has to offer is perfect for me at the weekends. It has all the comforts and gadgets that I want and I can haul mountain bikes, dogs, camping gear and anything else without an issue.

How has your driving experience been so far? 
After a long weekend completing the ‘North Coast 500’ around the perimeter of Scotland, I’ve already clocked over 2000 miles. Loving how comfy the Navara is and have been happily surprised to find it returning over 40mpg on my daily commute.

What do you like most about the Nissan Navara? 
For me the Navara is top of the class for double cab pick-ups. Great engine and in the top spec it has almost every option you could want. The Navara has a really comfy driving position and the 360 cameras are a dream for parking such a large vehicle, which comes in especially handy when you live in a city like we do!

How easy was the process from ordering to delivery? 
Previously I had not had a great experience with a leasing company, however Neil Barlow at CVSL was awesome. Right from my initial enquiry he knew what I wanted and was able to secure me a stock vehicle in my colour and spec within 24 hours. The whole process, right the way through to delivering the truck to my place of work, was perfect. I will be recommending him and no doubt using CVSL again when we are looking for a replacement for our other car.

Are you interested in getting a Nissan Navara or another pick-up? Take a look at our latest offers.

Nissan UK

Nissan Navara, the pick-up for work and play…

In this country we have a strange affection for pick-up trucks, whilst across the pond; they were the best selling vehicles until 2008. The reason for this was a large increase in prices at the pump and they were known as real ‘Gas Guzzlers’ however a lot has changed since….

The New Nissan Navara is a true work-horse, both strong and robust, this is an excellent pick-up truck for tradesmen.  The Double Cab has rear doors and will provide you with enough space for days out with the family, making this a perfect vehicle for leisure purposes as well. It’s also worth mentioning that the towing capacity is up to 3,500kg allowing you to tow most caravans.

The load bay is another USP of the Navara as it is there for the tough jobs and has payloads of over 1 tonne. The lighter tailgate makes it also much easier to load cargo.

The double-cab version comes with rear-suspension offering you an excellent on and off road experience.

The updated interior also feels a lot smarter and those who are familiar with Nissan vehicles will recognise the gear stick from the Qasqhai or X-trail. It also has dual-zone climate control which means that you and your passengers can tailor the temperature to their specific requirements – so no more rows about the A/C in the car! As the Nissan Navara is a large vehicle you will be pleased to hear that it has a 360 degree camera built in which makes parking a lot easier.

Last but not least, Nissan’s Safety shield promises to keep you safe and sound, focusing on three key areas: keeping an eye on your vehicle’s systems, assisting in handling and helping to keep you safe.  The Navarra also has 7 standard air bags protecting you all round in case of an emergency.

The Nissan Navara is a great all-around pick-up truck that offers you comfort, space and safety. If you are interested in picking up a Nissan Navara get in touch today with our commercial vehicle specialist, Neil Barlow.

Nissan Navara1

CVSL at the CV Show 2017: innovation in commercial vehicles we bring you the low down.

Our commercial vehicle specialist Neil Barlow brings us the highlights of his visit to the biggest Commercial Vehicle Show in the UK, the CV Show 2017. The CV Show, held annually at the NEC, in Birmingham, has the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers exhibiting their latest vans.

Ford has revealed two upgrades of Britain’s favourite vans: the Transit and Transit Custom. Both vehicles have an intelligent four-wheel-drive and automatic transmission. The all-wheel drive systems will deliver an 11% fuel improvement.

Ford has also launched a Ford Custom Trend Colour Edition featuring Race Red/Jet Black; only 400 will be available in the UK. It also has a spacious back that has a gross payload of 1029kg, as well as low emissions at 171 g/km.

New Transit Custom

Another van that really stands out from the crowd is Volkswagen’s new Crafter, which has recently been awarded at the International Van of the Year Awards. The new Crafter gives you everything you need to drive comfortably, such as reversing camera, parking distance monitor and rear traffic alert. It is the perfect size without compromising on cargo capacity.

The new Crafter

Toyota has also recently launched their Proace vans, which are available in in three body sizes: long, medium and compact. The Proace van compact is available as a panel van with three front seats and cargo bay – offering you all the space you need. The Proace vans also include a stop/ start technology, which offering best-in-class CO2 emissions for a medium duty van.

Toyato Proace

If you are looking for a commercial vehicle to drive your business forward speak to Neil today on 07740 418928 or drop him an email.

Is your driving posture correct?

With increasingly longer commuting times in the UK, Britons spend a considerable amount of time travelling to and from work. With 4 out of 5 people suffering with back and neck pains we are taking a closer look at how you can improve your driving posture.

Choosing the right vehicle
If you are tall, a small car might not work for you as it will simply not give you the space you need to achieve a correct posture.  Most car seats are not designed for correct sitting posture; however adjustments to the seat and steering wheel allow you to adjust your position, reducing back and neck problems.

Your seat should be set back to around 100 degrees, as this will reduce pressure on your shoulder discs. Your headrest should be adjusted until it meets the back of your head and mirrors should also be adjusted so you have an excellent view through your rear window without having to wrangle yourself in all sorts of positions.

You should also position your seat so you can reach the steering wheel slightly bent at an angle of 120 degrees whilst driving. Keep both hands on the wheel making sure that you have the 9 and 3 o’ clock position, giving you the best leverage on the wheel.

And probably needless to say having frequent breaks at least every two hours or so will also prevent back and neck aches, making sure to stretch whilst you have a break.

Speak to our friendly advisers today about which car would suit you