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Nissan Navara, the pick-up for work and play…

In this country we have a strange affection for pick-up trucks, whilst across the pond; they were the best selling vehicles until 2008. The reason for this was a large increase in prices at the pump and they were known as real ‘Gas Guzzlers’ however a lot has changed since….

The New Nissan Navara is a true work-horse, both strong and robust, this is an excellent pick-up truck for tradesmen.  The Double Cab has rear doors and will provide you with enough space for days out with the family, making this a perfect vehicle for leisure purposes as well. It’s also worth mentioning that the towing capacity is up to 3,500kg allowing you to tow most caravans.

The load bay is another USP of the Navara as it is there for the tough jobs and has payloads of over 1 tonne. The lighter tailgate makes it also much easier to load cargo.

The double-cab version comes with rear-suspension offering you an excellent on and off road experience.

The updated interior also feels a lot smarter and those who are familiar with Nissan vehicles will recognise the gear stick from the Qasqhai or X-trail. It also has dual-zone climate control which means that you and your passengers can tailor the temperature to their specific requirements – so no more rows about the A/C in the car! As the Nissan Navara is a large vehicle you will be pleased to hear that it has a 360 degree camera built in which makes parking a lot easier.

Last but not least, Nissan’s Safety shield promises to keep you safe and sound, focusing on three key areas: keeping an eye on your vehicle’s systems, assisting in handling and helping to keep you safe.  The Navarra also has 7 standard air bags protecting you all round in case of an emergency.

The Nissan Navara is a great all-around pick-up truck that offers you comfort, space and safety. If you are interested in picking up a Nissan Navara get in touch today with our commercial vehicle specialist, Neil Barlow.

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