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Top Ten Reasons to Drive a Convertible

With today shaping up to be the hottest day so far this year (and probably the hottest in 10 years), you are probably asking yourself, “Why don’t I own a convertible on a day like today so I could enjoy the weather… and drive around town in a flash new car?!”

If you need further assurance that you need a convertible this summer, here are our top ten reasons to get one:

  1. You tan whilst driving. Driving a convertible will help develop that year round, enviable tan. Your colleagues and friends will ask if you have been on holiday to Barbados whilst you have only been commuting into work on the A452.
  2. A convertible eliminates blind spots. If the roof is down you will have 360 degrees visibility. Making this a very safe vehicle indeed!
  3. Tall? Are you 6.3 ft. like me? Are you are struggling for headroom? If the roof is down you will have unlimited headroom.
  4. Ikea flat packs are easy to transport. With convertible transporting, Ikea flat packs are a lot easier as you can have your roof open and are not limited with roof space.
  5. Less likely to hear your partner or children in the back. Kids arguing in the back? Don’t worry; you won’t hear them thanks to the wind noise. Same rules apply when speaking with your partner.
  6. Convertibles are more fun. You are less likely to argue anyway as convertibles are fun and you can smell the sea and nature instead of your smelly air conditioner.
  7. Single? Not for long. Women love men with convertibles.
  8. Midlife crisis? Erm yes you better get one of those then. Plus you will look ten years younger in your convertible.
  9. Never have to call the AA again. Locked yourself out? Don’t worry you can just jump in without having that awkward phone call to the AA.
  10. Even with the roof up convertibles still look cool!


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