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BMW 520d M Sport car review – so fast and frugal it killed off EfficientDynamics

The BMW 520d M Sport is the fastest tax-buster model of the newly revised BMW 5 Series.

That means that it is significantly faster than the entry-level 518d, yet equals that model for emissions and fuel efficiency.

Both the 518d and 520d boast combined mpg of 62.8 and emissions of 119 grams of CO2 per kilometre driven, yet the 520d has 41 more horses, a significantly faster 0-62mph time of 8.1 seconds (versus 9.7 for the 518d) and a top speed of 145mph instead of 132mph.

With figures like that BMW saw that there was no need to have a special EfficientDynamics model any more, and killed it off earlier this year.

Dressed to look the part in M Sport guise – always the most popular 5 Series trim – and given some subtle styling tweaks and additional equipment, the BMW 520d within the face-lifted, sixth generation 5 Series range is set to be a big seller with business users and company car drivers.

Company car tax is down to 18% – hence BMW’s decision to discontinue the EfficientDynamics label. Why draw attention to it when it’s become the norm?

What’s hot?

  • EfficientDynamics emissions of 119g/km without the eco/budget stigma…
  • …and the corresponding benefit of a company car tax rate of just 18% and £30 (Group C) vehicle excise duty.
  • Those benefits are shared even by the automatic transmission version of this car.
  • More than adequate real world performance backed up by 184hp and an 8.1 second 0-62mph sprint time.
  • And you can have all this performance and company car tax-busting emissions in desirable M Sport trim…
  • …now enhanced further by range updates in the styling department such as door mirror indicator repeaters, a lower air intake, LED light strips in the rear lights and more wheel and paint options.
  • Plus interior tweaks such as chrome highlights, better storage and better cup holders.
  • The previously optional Business Navigation is now standard, even for the 520d…
  • …while every model gets BMW Emergency call for the duration of its life, a nice backup in the event of mishap.
  • The suspension has been smoothed slightly over the previous 520d, making it more compliant onUKroads.

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