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Stu’s 81 mile Caledonian Cycle Challenge

Our very own Sales Director, Stu Sinclair has swapped his suit for lycra this year by cycling 81 miles through Scotland for his chosen charity of ‘Tiny Steps’. Starting at the crack of dawn the ETAPE Caledonia took cyclist through the stunning scenery and hills of Pitlochry, Scotland.

Upon finishing the challenge, Stu said: ‘’Despite almost running over a steward during my 81 mile cycle ride through the beautiful Scottish hills it was an awesome event raising vital funds for a great charity. I also did this ride in honour of my mate Dave Prole who sadly passed away. Knowing what I did this for kept me going, thank you to everyone who donated, it will make a massive difference.’’
The charity was founded by his next-door neighbours Martin and Laura, after their daughter Connie experienced complications at birth resulting in disabilities. The parents then recognised the need for a facility that helps parents and children in the local area of Northwich, where they can relax and entertain their children. They are currently raising funds for a sensory soft play area.

Well done Stu! If you are still looking to donate you can do so here.

Stu Sinclair - Tiny steps Stu Sinclair3

CVSL takes key clients to Anglesey Opentrack track day

As you’d expect from a circuit only a few miles from Snowdonia National Park, the Anglesey Coastal and GP circuit was far from flat – a downhill challenge our clients relished at the 2017 CVSL track day.

Despite the rain, clients of CVSL and McGoff & Byrne took to the track in a variety of vehicles – from Minis to Ferraris, to enjoy a thrilling 1.5 mile circuit. Organised and run by Opentrack, whose mantra is quite simply “to do track days better”, staff at CVSL certainly stretched their driving skills to the limit!

After an early start and a comprehensive briefing, clients spent the morning completing Sighting laps, and enjoyed a full afternoon of track time after an inclusive lunch, eaten whilst enjoying stunning views of the Welsh coast.

Tony Poole, Managing Director at CVSL, commented: “Clients and staff alike had a cracking day from start to finish. We were able to put some top marques through their paces and enjoy maximising our driving skills in exciting and challenging conditions. Opentrack delivered an excellent, value-for-money event, and the setting couldn’t have been better – perhaps only with a bit of Welsh sunshine!”

From Minis to Maseratis, CVSL has a wide range of vehicles for you to put through their paces – contact us today to find out more. In the meantime, check out these photos of clients enjoying themselves in Anglesey:

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CVSL at the CV Show 2017: innovation in commercial vehicles we bring you the low down.

Our commercial vehicle specialist Neil Barlow brings us the highlights of his visit to the biggest Commercial Vehicle Show in the UK, the CV Show 2017. The CV Show, held annually at the NEC, in Birmingham, has the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers exhibiting their latest vans.

Ford has revealed two upgrades of Britain’s favourite vans: the Transit and Transit Custom. Both vehicles have an intelligent four-wheel-drive and automatic transmission. The all-wheel drive systems will deliver an 11% fuel improvement.

Ford has also launched a Ford Custom Trend Colour Edition featuring Race Red/Jet Black; only 400 will be available in the UK. It also has a spacious back that has a gross payload of 1029kg, as well as low emissions at 171 g/km.

New Transit Custom

Another van that really stands out from the crowd is Volkswagen’s new Crafter, which has recently been awarded at the International Van of the Year Awards. The new Crafter gives you everything you need to drive comfortably, such as reversing camera, parking distance monitor and rear traffic alert. It is the perfect size without compromising on cargo capacity.

The new Crafter

Toyota has also recently launched their Proace vans, which are available in in three body sizes: long, medium and compact. The Proace van compact is available as a panel van with three front seats and cargo bay – offering you all the space you need. The Proace vans also include a stop/ start technology, which offering best-in-class CO2 emissions for a medium duty van.

Toyato Proace

If you are looking for a commercial vehicle to drive your business forward speak to Neil today on 07740 418928 or drop him an email.

Speeding fines increased on 24th April

From today (24th April 2017) a new law has come into effect in England and Wales, aimed at speeding drivers. The new guidelines will hopefully make drivers ‘think twice’ before speeding.

What has changed?
Previously, if you were caught speeding, the minimum penalty fine was £100, with three penalty points added on your licence. Fines have been increased from 100% to 150% of weekly income, with a maximum of £2500. There will be three different bands, with band C being the most serious – this will come into place when you are exceeding the speed limit by 21 mph or more.
Table Speeding

Why are speeding fines increased?
Over the last five years serious speeding offences have risen by over 44% resulting in 244 people being killed in 2015. Responsible drivers will welcome these changes. If you are first-time offender, you can take a speed awareness course and avoid the increased fine.

How does sentencing work?
The court will follow the guidelines unless a judge or magistrate feels it is not in the interest of justice to do so.  Other considerations are time of offence, weather conditions and area.

CVSL warns drivers to stick to the speed limit and installing vehicle tracking systems if you are running a large fleet. RAM tracking has been specifically designed to drive down speeding across your fleet. For more information get in touch today.

Speed camera

Is your driving posture correct?

With increasingly longer commuting times in the UK, Britons spend a considerable amount of time travelling to and from work. With 4 out of 5 people suffering with back and neck pains we are taking a closer look at how you can improve your driving posture.

Choosing the right vehicle
If you are tall, a small car might not work for you as it will simply not give you the space you need to achieve a correct posture.  Most car seats are not designed for correct sitting posture; however adjustments to the seat and steering wheel allow you to adjust your position, reducing back and neck problems.

Your seat should be set back to around 100 degrees, as this will reduce pressure on your shoulder discs. Your headrest should be adjusted until it meets the back of your head and mirrors should also be adjusted so you have an excellent view through your rear window without having to wrangle yourself in all sorts of positions.

You should also position your seat so you can reach the steering wheel slightly bent at an angle of 120 degrees whilst driving. Keep both hands on the wheel making sure that you have the 9 and 3 o’ clock position, giving you the best leverage on the wheel.

And probably needless to say having frequent breaks at least every two hours or so will also prevent back and neck aches, making sure to stretch whilst you have a break.

Speak to our friendly advisers today about which car would suit you