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Winter Driving

British weather can be highly unpredictable and severe conditions can hit at any time. It is a necessity to plan your journey well if you do have to drive during bad conditions, be prepared and ensure that your trip is entirely essential. Follow some of our top tips below to help you on your journey:

Essential planning and toolkit to store in your car:

  • Inform someone at your destination of your estimated time of arrival
  • Plan alternative routes in case your main choice(s) becomes impassable
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged, so that you can call for help, if necessary; portable chargers are always useful to have with you
  • Ensure that your fuel tank is near to full so you do not run out if delayed in traffic
  • Regularly check the weather and traffic information on the TV/Radio/Social Media or websites to keep up to date with regional and national warnings, have a back-up plan as things change rapidly
  • If conditions are very bad, and the emergency services are recommending that people don’t travel, take heed and avoid making your journey
  • Ensure that you have stored food, water, extra warm clothes or a rug, a torch and boots – you may require a shovel too, no matter how extreme it sounds
  • Before setting off, de-mist and clear your windows, a windscreen scraper and a de-icer are a necessity.

Prepare your vehicle – condition checks:

It’s a good idea to have your vehicle fully serviced before the bad weather commences and have the anti-freeze tested. If you can’t have it serviced, then do your own essential checks, such as;

  • Brakes are fully working
  • Clean and functioning lights
  • Battery is fully charged
  • Tyres are in good condition, in terms of tread depth and pressure (don’t forget the spare)
  • Check the 3 W’s – windscreen, wiper blades, windows are clean and the washer bottle is filled with screen wash
  • Top up your fluids, especially windscreen wash (to the correct concentration to prevent it freezing), anti-freeze and oil

You may deem the journey as essential, but realistically could it be postponed? However, if you really MUST travel please follow our tips above. Safe driving everyone!




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What does 2018 Budget mean for motorists?

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s announcement has been dubbed as the biggest ever cash injection for England’s major roads in the 2018 Budget. An emphasis has been placed on tackling congestion which is expected to save motorists thousands annually.

National Roads Fund:
Firstly, the National Roads Fund upgrade plan will entail a £28.8 billion investment to upgrade and improve UK roads. The investment fund will run from 2020 to 2025, forming a major part of the Roads Investment Strategy 2.

Local roads will also benefit as the government announce that £3.5 billion of “new money” to upgrade local roads.

Tackling congestion:
A commitment of £150 million is being introduced to ease congestions and reduce traffic. The intention is to improve problematic road junctions and congestion hotspots, benefitting all road users, not just motorists, to reduce journey times and improve road safety

Pothole repairs fund:
£420 million has been made available to fix pot holes around the country. Critics say that this budget won’t stretch very far and that more is required.

Fuel Duty remains frozen:
Prime Minister Theresa May previously announced it at the Conservative party conference; Fuel Duty remains frozen for a 9th consecutive year. The chancellor added that it will save motorists £800 million in the first year alone.

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The Show-stopping cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2018

The spectacle that is the Geneva Motor Show was held in Switzerland 8-18 March, giving us a glimpse into the future trends expected to dominate the car industry, whilst bringing together the wealthiest people in the world. Debuting some of the boldest and most innovative car concepts in the world, which are expected to lead the way in revolutionising car technology, spoiling us with a handful of wonderful but frankly bizarre and baffling concept cars.

The show continuously manages to break the mould and break with convention in terms of car manufacturing. Inevitably there was a strong push towards electric cars but the show also boasted the likes of flying cars, sport cars, saloons and coupes and certainly didn’t disappoint, pushing the boundaries in every way possible and opening our eyes to a new era of mobility –  you could soon by flying to work!

Geneva is the best show to get an overview of the latest trends and striking designs to shape the automobile industry. One thing clear,the industry is facing a dramatic change and pressure to reinvent itself, with autonomy and electric taking precedence.

Here’s a roundup of the best and most crazy car concepts and themes that captured our attention at the awe-inspiring yet bonkers motor show:

Sleek, elegant and magnificent motors:
Luxury EV and hybrid performance cars graced the stands at Geneva with a whole spectrum of striking, elegant and dynamic designs, here is a taster of some of the crowd pleasers:

GFG Sibylla

Touring Superleggera Scià di PersiaPersia

Pininfarina HK GT


The bold and handsome M8 Gran Coupe concept with its four-door model, is a revamped version of the relaunched 8-series range and is planned to join coupe and convertible variants 600bhp, in a three-model strong 8 series line-up. The creation of the concept car all stems from BMW’s reformed decision to create premium positioning.

The BMW M8 concept:


The Wacky, the Flying, The Sharing and The Autonomous Varities:

Now moving on to the more bizarre conceptions brought to life at the Geneva Motor Show. Fully autonomous vehicles are expected to revolutionise the future of car technology, but even the Renault EZ-GO concept seemed somewhat extreme. The driverless concept electric car enables passengers to enter through a front door, with glass on the sides and roof, yet only reaching speeds of 30mph.


The luxury futuristic Mercedes F015 driverless car concept managed to differentiate itself from the numerous driverless car projects that we have been bombarded with and stand aside in a class of its own.


Another gutsy driverless car concept was the Icona Nucleus, a ‘lounge on wheels,‘ providing room for 6 adults, basically a wide cocoon on wheels. The other striking element of the design is the lack of conventional glass windows – there’s no driver so there is no need for a front windscreen.

Icona Nucleus:


World’s first Revolutionary Commercial Flying Cars:


Top tips for driving in the snow and ice

Despite meteorological spring starting in a few days, the UK braces itself for cold and snow to come in the next few days, as temperatures plunge. Whilst driving in snow can be difficult and should be avoided if possible, if you do venture out, read our tips below to be car safe!

Clear your vehicle of snow
Before setting off, make sure that you clear off all snow from your vehicle, including your roof as this could come off whilst driving and obstruct your view.

Plan your trip
Prior to your journey, make sure to check your route and avoid smaller less travelled roads where possible. Motorways and other major roads are more likely to be gritted.

Tyres treads
During the winter months you should have at least 3mm of tread on your tyres. If you live in a rural area, it is worth considering winter tyres or snow chains to keep you safe and avoid a winter related accident.

Ensure you top-up your anti-freeze fluids during the winter months, use a 50/50 mix with water.

Winter packing and survival kit supplies
Make sure that you are prepared in case you get stuck somewhere. Make sure you pack a blanket, warning triangle, torch, first aid kit, jumper cables, mobile phone charger and food (small packages are always handy to keep in your car) and fluids to drink.

During the winter months you are more likely to get delayed, so it is important to make sure you have enough fuel for your journey (at least a quarter of a tank extra).

Once you are on the road:

  • To avoid your wheels from spinning, accelerate slowly and try to get to the higher gears as soon as you can
  • If you have poor visibility (less than 100m) use your fog lights until your vision improves
  • Give yourself and other road users plenty of space as your stopping distance could be ten times more than normal
  • Turning a corner? Make sure to brake in plenty of time before you turn the wheel, reducing your speed
  • If you do skid, steer gently into it, keeping both hands on the steering wheel
  • Drive more carefully and allow more time for your journey

Safe travels during this(hopefully) final winter month #CarSafety

Snow Road