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Special Offer – Kia Picanto 5 door Hatchback 1.0

Welcome to today’s special offer blog from CVSL. Bringing you the best car leasing and contract hire deals you will find online.

Today’s featured offer is the stylish Picanto Hatchback – a stunning, compact hatchback offering from Kia.

See below for a promotional video which displays the coolness, quality handling and practicality of the spacious five-door city car.

The Kia Picanto 5 door Hatchback 1.0 is available for just £98.14 per month (excluding VAT) from CVSL on a four year car leasing deal. That is less than £100 per month for a brand new car!

Call CVSL today on 0800 085 4256 and find out more about their great Kia contract hire offers.


A Great Achievement By Our Sales Manager Stuart

Congratulations to CVSL 's Sales Manager  Stuart and his mate Dave who  completed  there charity bike ride over the Trans Pennine Trail (Southport to Hornsea – 220miles)  in an amazing 26½ hours with no sleep and in aid of  the Alzheimer’s Society. Here is Stuarts account of how it went !

''We started off in fine form, full of beans (a bagel, porridge and a bottle of Lucozade)! We were met by my wife, my little boy and a bag of fresh egg sandwiches at the 1st stop (not sure which one I was happier to see) and from there it slowly slipped downhill as in all honesty, mother nature was not as kind to us as you lot!!! To say we were drenched for the vast majority of the ride is a massive understatement and it wasn’t until approx 2am when a man at a level crossing (don’t ask and yes, TWO AM) told me ‘you can only get so wet’, that I finally came to terms with it!!

We didn’t have enough dry clothes as we weren’t expecting such miserable weather and so found ourselves changing back into less wet clothes before heading off once more, we also got lost in a sleepy village around 3am and wasted numerous miles cycling around soaking wet, freezing cold (im trying to paint a picture) with no idea, trying to find a little blue sign to send us the right way. This is where you guys came into it. Though you probably weren’t awake it was the weight of your generosity (and our support vehicle not knowing where we were) that spurred us on, I hate to say it but we did think of quitting (you may gasp) as we were that low, but thought how would I break the news to you generous souls especially when you’ve given to such a great charity!! We dug deep however and made our way through to the support vehicle….another 65 miles awaited!!!  

I could sit here any type until my fingers bleed but I don’t feel it would convey to you how deep we had to dig on this, diversions, crane sights, falling asleep at the handle bars, an angry Yorkie (dog not chocolate bar…though I did have a couple of Biscuit and Raisin) and one fall (yes it was me but I’m fine thanks)

Well done Stuart, We will keep you posted when Stuart decides on his next challenge  !!