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CVSL Proud to Announce Unique Partnership with Alphabet Electric

Greater sustainability and lower mobility costs for your fleet is now possible thanks to CVSL’s new partnership with AlphaElectric – the forward-thinking way to optimise your fleet.

“We are proud to partner with the clear leader in electric vehicles for the fleet market” comments Tony Poole, Managing Director, CVSL – the North-West’s leading contract hire and leasing business for cars and vans.

“Many of our clients who are running small to large fleets are looking at the possibilities the Electric car market bring. With the new partnership with Alphabet we are now able to offer comprehensive funding solutions including nationwide and international coverage, the AlphaElectric Charge Card for consolidated invoicing solutions and fleet management solutions available via Alphabet. This is an outstanding customer-first opportunity.”

Why Think Electric with CVSL?

Choose eMobility and your business will enjoy a number of benefits. Did you know that incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into your vehicle fleet will reduce the Total Cost of Mobility? EVs are not only economical to run, but you can qualify for a whole host of financial or tax incentives. Furthermore, eMobility is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. EVs have no tailpipe emissions – and by signing up to a green energy supplier, your overall CO2 emissions will be almost zero.

Additionally, sustainability measures like eMobility are a fantastic way to boost your company´s corporate image and green credentials.

Taking everything into account, CVSL working with Alphabet can offer AlphaElectric, a shrewd holistic approach to eMobility.

For more information contact CVSL on 0800 085 4256.