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An altered market ahead of the Euro 6 vehicles in September

Analysts have predicted a rush for Euro 5 vans in the hopes of avoiding the extra costs and tank weight of the Euro 6 vehicles.

The trends and dynamics of the used van market is likely to be askew for the foreseeable future as fleet demand for Euro 5 emission compliant vans sky rockets ahead of September’s mandatory launch of new Euro 6 models. The increase is unlikely to see a total collapse in used van prices as the economy continues to grow and business confidence remains high.

Despite the initial worries, some experts do believe it is “business as usual” with undisputed growth in the economy leading towards enough demand to keep pace with the increasing volumes being de-fleeted.

However the same experts are cautious still, warning that the marketplace changes taking place, notably used vans with high mileage over four years old, may take the biggest hit as the demand over the past 24 months for hard-used models are driven by lack of more desirable alternatives.

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