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Could leasing be right for your family?

Leasing and contract hire are not just for businesses. Personal lease has been in demand this year.  For families, leasing a car is an option that is often overlooked, but there actually many benefits:

When you are driving your children from school to football and back home you will value the importance of having a car that is safe to drive and will protect your children in the case of an accident. Newer cars are a lot safer as safety regulations are stricter and materials used in the car are a lot stronger. Car manufacturers spend millions of pounds on improving car safety.

More efficient
New cars are all about more efficient driving and being better for the environment. This will result in you filling up less and saving money on petrol costs. That’s not the only saving you will make – new car have lower emissions which means that you will pay less road tax. You will also be helping the planet with cleaner air.

More space
In recent years cars have become more spacious, and especially as a parent you know how much stuff you need to take if you are going somewhere.  If your children are growing up they will also  be grateful of the extra leg and elbow room.

Fixed prices
When you own a car you sometimes end up with unplanned outgoings such as expensive car repairs. With car leasing you can prevent this as you are paying a fixed amount and you can even include maintenance costs in your lease agreement.  Knowing your outgoings each month will help planning your finances.

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