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Looking to lease a new van? Here are some things to consider…

By only considering an initial quote, you could find what seems to be a cheap option quickly becomes one of the most expensive. Take the time to investigate the following factors to make sure that you really are choosing the best van for you.

  1. Service interval. How far will your van go before it’s going to cost you money? Most vans will make it to around 25,000 miles before they need servicing, but there are some that can manage 30,000 miles before you may need to pay a visit to the garage. Doing your research before choosing a van will save you money in the long run.
  1. Service costs. When your van does need a service, how much is that going to cost you? Even if you don’t plan on having maintenance included in your lease contract, get a quote done anyway. Quotes are based on predicted mileage and predicted costs over the term, so can be quite telling as to when the cheapest van has the potential to turn into the most expensive.
  1. How far is your fuel going to go? If your mileage is high, this factor could well outweigh the initial leasing charges. For example, a newer model might cost more than previous versions, but at 10% better efficiency it will swiftly make up for that in fuel costs.

Everyone’s situation is different and it may well be that the cheapest headline quote ends up being the cheapest option for you. But it’s only when you investigate all the factors that you really get the true picture of how much your van is going to cost you in the long run.

Here at CVSL we guarantee our clients that we not only offer competitive prices but also good and honest advise on your fleet, which will keep your company’s books healthy. Get in touch today for more information.