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An exclusive interview with the Twig

We had an exclusive interview with The Twig he reveals his highlights of the week.

So Twig tell me about driving the Nissan Leaf?
I drove the Nissan Leaf for 3 days around the North West of England. The car itself drives very smooth and has actually got a lot of power especially if you take it out of eco mode. It is the first electric car I have driven and it met my expectations. The interior of the car is nice, seats are comfy and there is lots of space for passengers. There is also lots of boot space, ideal for big shoppers.












That’s sound really positive Twig, is there anything that you didn’t like about the car?
At the moment there aren’t fast charging points everywhere so if you run out of juice it could be a bit problematic, however the number of EV charging points is rapidly increasing all over the country.












How easy was the charging?
The charging itself is easy: plug it in, sit back and relax, especially with the fast charging points. You can charge the Nissan Leaf from 0% to 80% in 20 /25 mins. I would recommend charging it overnight at home. I would plug it in at 7 and the next morning it was fully charged. If you are out and about it is worth checking to see if there are charging points available (more information about the charging points can be found on the Nissan website)

What did you like about this whole trip?
I loved the attention of the wider public; everyone was really interested in the car and I also got asked on a date! Driving around Manchester and Blackpool in the Nissan Leaf was absolutely brilliant.













Would you recommend the Nissan Leaf to your friends?
Yes I would definitely recommend it to my friends. The charging is cheap (£2 -£4) and you can drive about 120 miles with this, it’s obviously a lot cheaper than petrol. If you are living/working in a town/city and do about 20-30 miles a day this car is perfect.


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