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Five reasons to get a new van

Our Commercial Specialist Neil Barlow gives us five good reasons why you should invest in a new van and how this can benefit your business:

  1. Avoid expensive maintenance costs
    If you are currently driving an older vehicle chances are you’re likely going to experience expensive maintenance. When you lease a brand-new van you will have low maintenance costs and even have options to include maintenance within your lease agreement.
  2. Reduce your running costs
    Over recent years manufacturers have improved fuel efficiency radically. Save money at the pump by changing your van today.
  3. Removing depreciating assets from your books
    If you own your current vehicle you will remove a depreciating asset from your balance sheet.
  4. Leasing is easy and cost effective
    Leasing often works out cheaper than buying an old van on hire purchase.
  5. Business image
    Your van is your business image. By driving a new van you will come across as a professional tradesman and thus improve the reputation of your business.

Drive your business forward with a new van; get in touch with Neil Barlow today for all the latest offers.