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Summer heat driving checklist

With the hot weather set to return and the summer holidays around the corner, many of us will be hitting the road this August. Follow our checklist to stay safe on the road whilst temperatures are scorching…

  1. Did you know that temperatures could double inside your vehicle even with windows left open? It is vital to never leave young, elderly or vulnerable people alone in the car as they could suffer from fatal heatstroke. As with people, this rule also applies to pets. If you do see any pets in a car, monitor their health closely and phone the police on 999 who will inform animal welfare services immediately.
  2. Before seating your children in the car, make sure to check safety belts as well as their seats, these can both reach high temperatures potentially causing second degree burns to children.
  3. Drink enough water as dehydration can cause serious consequences, including dizziness and fainting, which could not only endanger yourself but also other
  4. Make sure to check your tyre pressure and your tyres for damage and under-inflation frequently as high temperatures increase the risk of punctures.
  5. With one in five affected by hay fever it is worth keeping a non-drowsy remedy with you on your travels to prevent you from suffering whilst driving. It also worth keeping your air vents closed and to have a tissue at hand.  A recent Halfords survey suggests that one in three motorists have been distracted by hay fever and that 2 million drivers have been involved in an accident or near miss.
  6. If your battery is older than 5 years, make sure that this is tested and replaced if required.
  7. Avoid overheating your vehicle – make sure to check that your car fluids are at the correct level and refill if required.
  8. Make sure to have an emergency kit kept in your car. The kit should include items such as drinking water, warning triangle, jump leads and a reflective emergency blanket (which can be used in the shade also). It’s also worth having an extra mobile phone charger with you in case your mobile runs out of juice.

Tony Poole, Director at CVSL commented: ‘‘most motorists are unaware of the dangers of driving in the heat. The above tips and applying common sense before setting off on a long journey will help you stay safe on the road. Make sure to take breaks especially when it is hot as it could often make you feel more tired than normal’’.

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CVSL wishes everyone a good and safe summer!