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Why Ashley Sheppard chose a plug-in hybrid car over a conventional.

Over the last few months we have seen a massive increase in companies choosing electronic vehicles over conventional cars. We spoke to Ashley Sheppard, Sales and Marketing Director of Call Systems Limited who has two plug in hybrid cars in use: a BMW X5 xDrive40E and a BMW i3 Hatchback.

Are you happy with your BMW X5 xDrive40E?
We are very happy with the BMW X5 xDrive40E! The car offers everything you expect from an X5 but a plug in hybrid.

Are you happy with your car’s performance?  Have you tested its speed and acceleration?
It is a great car, you wouldn’t really notice a difference between driving a conventional car over a plug-in.  Acceleration is a little bit nippy but you will get used to that.

What was your main reason for choosing an electric vehicle over a conventional car?
Low Emissions, it is an environmentally friendly car.  It is also a very economical car which receives tax in-kind benefits. This car is also great for the short commute that I do from home, school and to the office.

How do you charge it?
I had power sockets put in at home, so we charge both cars overnight. The sockets each have a different voltage to be able to charge; to put this is quite expensive but is worth it.

How many miles can you drive from one charge?
In the BMWX5 you can do 20 miles on a full electric charge which is perfect for my commute.  If you would need to travel a longer journey you can switch over to its petrol tank.

Are you happy with your BMW i3?
Yes, I love it.

How many miles can you do on one charge?
With the BMWi3 you can do roughly about 60 miles on a full charge and with the petrol engine it extends to 120 miles.

Are there enough charging facilities around you?
Yes, there are plenty of charging facilities around me.  I also recommend downloading the  BMW remote app, this will help you find  the nearest facilities around you.

Would you recommend plug-in vehicles?
Yes I would, we love both of our cars and whole heartedly believe this is the future of motor vehicle travel.
If you are looking for a plug-in hybrid vehicle get in touch with CVSL today.

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CVSL is proud to introduce you to the “The Twig”

Here at CVSL we have got some exciting times ahead! We would like you to meet our newest team member: the Twig. The Twig loves everything green!  He lives around the Manchester area (we can’t reveal his address as we know that he has got a lot of fans!) and drives a Nissan Leaf. The Twig absolutely loves his Nissan Leaf Car and is taking his car out of for a challenge.

About his Nissan Leaf
the Nissan Leaf is a 100% electric vehicle driven by lithium-ion batteries that are more durable than traditional lead acid batteries. Electric cars are the future as they are environmental friendly and have zero emissions.  It will also save you money as you don’t need to fill up on petrol anymore. No wonder why “The Twig ” loves his Nissan Leaf!
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