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The ‘How to’ Guide for charging your electric car


In aid of the Twigs ‘Nissan Leaf’ excursion across the North West of England, we are here to show you how to charge your very own electric car.

An extensive charging network has been rolled out across the UK in the last 2 years, populating homes, public areas and service stations.

Publicly accessible charge points can be found in locations such as on-street, shopping centres and car parks. Charging your car from 0 – 100% will cost approximately between £2 and £4.












Research has shown that most charging will take place overnight at a conveniently located home charge point but the idea of having to charge your electric car at a public point can be a daunting one.

Luckily we have included a simple step-by-step guide to public charging points below:

Step 1 – Locate the nearest public charge point using a charge point map.

Step 2 – Park your car in the dedicated electric car parking spot next to the charge point.

Step 3 – Present your access card to the charge point reader.

Step 4 – To start charging, connect the cable to the charge point and then to your car. A full charge will take 2-6 hours depending on your battery and charge status.

Step 5 – To end charging hold the access card to the charge point reader

Step 6 – Disconnect the cable from the car and then from the charge point.


Fast charging

Faster charge points can be found at service stations and roadside cafés to cater for those on longer journeys. An 80% charge from zero can be achieved in approximately 25 minutes.


Step 1 – Remove the connector from the fast charge point by pushing the button on the connector.

Step 2 – Insert the connector into the vehicle socket. Follow the onscreen instructions to charge your vehicle.

Step 3 – Red light indicated charging has started.

Step 4 – Electric car will now be charging at fast charge.


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